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About Me

My name is Alicia García and I translate from English into Spanish and from German into Spanish. My love for languages and continuous learning led me to the wonderful profession of translation, and now I am lucky enough to help companies, private individuals, agencies, CROs and other organizations reach a wider and more diverse public as well as comply with the relevant regulations.

I have been providing translation services with enthusiasm and dedication since 2020, and have always worked to make the translation process easier and more accessible to you!

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Alicia Garcia

Ever since I was a child, I knew that translation would be my profession of choice, as it allows me to enjoy my passion for languages and continuous learning.

I obtained my Degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Málaga in 2019 and participated in an ERASMUS programme in Heidelberg (Germany).

After that, I got my Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication and Public Service Interpreting and Translation from the University of Alcalá de Henares. Now I can proudly say that I have been working in this exciting profession since then from my hometown, Almería.

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But why did I specialize in medicine and law?

I chose medicine because I have always found it fascinating. Learning about medicine and working with all kinds of related documents is very enriching.

As for the legal field, during my academic stage, I had the opportunity to get solid training in legal translation, which I have completely taken advantage of to dive into this branch of knowledge and enjoy its complexity.

My strengths are my passion and respect for translation and my specialization fields. I am always participating in trainings and learning new things.

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Why Me?


Aspects like punctuality, clarity and reliability are key to delivering quality translations.


Meticulousness and precision are vital in fields with a high impact on our lives, as is the case of medicine and law.


You cannot translate what you don’t understand. My specialized training allows me to deliver translations of outstanding quality and coherence.


A translator needs to know their client’s preferences. This is why I communicate clearly and fluently. By doing so, I can solve any question concerning my choice of terms or make suggestions about the original or translated text.